Events Overview 2022

These events were held for everyone and anyone willing to attend, we welcome all to our events.

The events and activities held throughout the month provideda space for Black and Brown communities to come together and learn, share, celebrate, and experience different stories and cultures from the past, present, and future. These events allowed individuals to connect with people they may not have had the opportunity to meet before, learn about different life experiences, and challenge their assumptions, prejudices, and stereotypes.

Throughout the month, we increased the visibility and highlighted the diverse business owners, the different organisations, and networks that are in Plymouth aswell as supported our partners and our selves to become leaders in addressing diversity issues.

The launch of the virtual library on October 1st aligned with the aim of raising awareness and celebrating Black History Month. The library featured activities, games, movies, TV shows, and book recommendations inspired by Azza’s Gallery and curated by the Diversity Business Incubator Team with a focus on BAME creators or stories. The library resources were available for access online, via email, social media, or in person at designated locations, providing a platform not just for Black and Brown individuals but for everyone to learn through various forms of art. The contributions to the library were also welcome, allowing diverse members of the community to share their experiences and knowledge with others. The virtual library launch encouraged learning, sharing, and understanding among diverse members of the community through the resources provided.

The film/movie screenings held during Black History Month 2022 were intended to raise awareness of Black History and encourage dialogue, understanding, and collaboration among diverse community members. The events were free of charge with the intention of bringing people together for a fun and educational evening. We looked into working with local film/documentary makers passionate about raising awareness of Black History and creating spaces through their work to start and entice individuals to have uncomfortable conversations such as Race, Injustice, and many more. All viewings were held at the university (Roland Levinsky Building – Jill Craige Cinema), with loads of capacity for viewing. Cultural Refreshments and snacks were provided in the evenings as part of the viewing experience.

The Food Demonstrations held at City College Plymouth during October provided a fantastic opportunity for increasing dialogue, reducing prejudices and racism, and encouraging understanding of one another among diverse members of the community. By inviting chefs from diverse Black and Brown backgrounds to give live demonstrations, everyone had a chance to learn about different cultural dishes and their significance, while also creating a space for expression and bringing together different groups in the community. The events helped to raise awareness and celebrate Black History Month by showcasing the diversity of cultural foods and traditions.

The Food Demonstrations were hugely popular among communities, with each event fully booked and thoroughly enjoyed.

The well-being sessions at the DBI office were held as part of our efforts to promote understanding and collaboration among diverse members of the community, as well as to create spaces for expression and celebration. By working with dance instructors who are vocal about mental health and well-being, we were able to provide a fun and sociable opportunity for the community to engage in activities that promote well-being and reduce stress levels.

Additionally, by raising awareness of the importance of well-being and mental health in Black and Brown communities, we hope to have helped to reduce prejudice and improve understanding among community members.

The storytelling afternoon event brought together families from diverse backgrounds. It provided a platform for Black and Brown community members to share their stories, promoting empathy and understanding among diverse community members. We managed to create a safe and supportive environment, where every child and family felt represented and understood, fulfilling the objective of creating spaces where people could express themselves through various art forms.

The events took place at Jabulani Food Court on Union Street (inside The Plot). The aim of the storytelling session was to work in collaboration with the parents to encourage them to be storytellers during the activities.

The event was geared towards children and held lots of fun activities to reflect the stories told each day.

The Cultural Day to celebrate Black History Month was held on October 29th at the Arts University Plymouth. The event was open to everyone and featured storytelling, games, and a cultural fashion show to conclude the month-long festivities.

The event was well-attended, and community members were encouraged to bring their families to participate in the activities, share and listen to old folktales, play games, and showcase their cultural clothes. Elders from different Black and Brown communities in Plymouth were invited to share stories and proverbs they heard while growing up, and games were organised to engage children and young people.

The cultural fashion show, inspired by The Giveback Project Refugee Week fashion show, allowed anyone from the community to showcase some of their cultural wear from their homeland.

By bringing together people from different backgrounds, the event fostered collaboration between different organisations serving different groups, aligning to strengthen relationships with other community organisations and bringing together different groups in the community. The event raised awareness and celebrated Black History Month by showcasing cultural clothes and providing an opportunity for people to learn and celebrate the contributions of Black and Brown people to society.

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