Black History Plymouth Bus

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Plymouth City Bus to show our support of the BAME community to the whole city.

The Black History Bus provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Black individuals to Plymouth’s history. This is crucial because Black people have often been left out of mainstream historical narratives, leading to their erasure from history.

Why the Black History Plymouth Bus is important

Educating the public

The Black History Bus is an educational tool that can help increase public awareness and understanding of Black history and culture. This can help combat prejudice and discrimination by challenging stereotypes and promoting a more accurate and nuanced understanding of Black people's experiences.

Providing a platform for dialogue

The Black History Bus can provide a platform for dialogue and discussion about important issues related to race and ethnicity. This can help promote understanding and empathy between different groups in the community.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

The Black History Bus promotes diversity and inclusion by highlighting the experiences and contributions of Black individuals. This can help foster a more inclusive and welcoming community in Plymouth.

Join us for this year's workshops!

Get involved in some amazing activities focusing around the black community as well as inclusion and diversity

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